Thanks a lot, for all the support while I was sick and in hospital, dude πŸ–•

When I leave, it’s all coming with me.

You asked me to hurry up and leave already, don’t you worry, I will.

I will take my children. I will take the curtains and blinds my mother furnished this place with. I’ll take all of my furniture that I bought. The TVs, everything.

I’ll take MY car that is in MY name, too, for my kids to be able to travel safely. That’s the whole reason we got the loan, right? To have a safe FAMILY car.

You work. You tell me that all the time. You work to give me the world. Then WHY THE FUCK have we never had a holiday?
Why don’t you care about that?
I needed someone to help me move my mother’s shit out of her house and storage sheds. Needed someone to just drive a truck.

Been waiting since fucking April for you to help me… but the MINUTE your friends ask? You’re all fucking over it.

Spent all damn day cleaning a house that you claim WAS clean. My sister and I were fucking disgusted in your idea of clean.
But you want me to move out. You want the kids to find a new home away from the school that they live a minute from.

How selfish can you be?

Why can’t YOU move and leave US to do what we gotta do?

Why do you get to tell us all the time to fuck off and think you’re some King in this place?

The bills are in MY name.
Everything in this fucker is MINE.
And you tell me to leave?!

You tell me you aren’t giving me a cent of a union pay out that was meant to benefit OUR family?!

And you call yourself a man.

I call you cruel. But that’s okay, my sister and I are organizing some shit.

So maybe you should go and organise yourself.

While I prepare for our children to have their lives turned upside down again.


The bitch you don’t owe any favours to, that just wants to study, write and better herself, but cannot.

* Yes, I’m okay. But my kids have had enough of this exhausting ride. Ten years and countless — COUNTLESS attempts to pull my family together and hold it strong, just to be told because I won’t fuck him, I’m a bitch. Seriously, what is a single mother meant to do when an entire side of a family would prefer to see me and my kids on the fucking street than to tell one person to GROW UP, MAN UP and LEAVE. What is this world coming to?

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