Know what, fellas and chicks? Getting REAL sick of hearing the FUCKED UP shit you’re doing to your wives/husbands and the mothers/fathers of your kids, or someone else’s kid. Who the FUCK do YOU think you are? Coz right now? Ya chum in the water, fuckwit. Plenty of nice big sharks wishing they could mess you up, and I’m one of ’em.

Sick of coppers calling DEFENSIVE wounds “proof” that a victim is being abusive… They say Australia says no to domestic violence. Yeah! WE do. We say HELL the FUCK NO to a man, woman, child OR pet, getting hurt by a crazy psychopath. But the cops just say “You hurt them, too. Guilty. Can’t do anything.”

Do ya FUCKING job. What do you WANT? You think it’s EASY to call an emergency number while the person that’s MEANT TO love you is choking you out to the point of losing CONSCIOUSNESS or beating you to death?!

We have to FIGHT BACK. Because you take too long to help us and we don’t want to leave the joint in a plastic bag and become a statistical LOSS to the saddest CRIME going. We don’t want to leave our kids without a mum or dad, and in the hands that commit the saddest, gronkiest, CRUELLEST crime…

But, those defensive wounds? Those neck or face scratches? They only mean something if the abuser succeeds in killing you… They only matter when it’s TOO LATE!

Grow the hell up, Australia. And realize your victims are fighting BACK! Because we HAVE to. Women are getting wilder. Men are getting stronger. Children are becoming reliable witnesses to the greatest injustice and crime behind closed doors. We’re all becoming SMARTER and WISER. Yet, children are being taken from parents literally taking hidings to PROTECT them… For their “own protection.”

And police, judges and paramedics are still “Well, WE don’t know…”

Yeah? Well, we DO! And it’s getting more and more tempting for this big bitch to wanna take the law into her own fists and start punching holes through mentally, emotionally, sexually and physically abusive pieces of shit in society.

Grow up, mate. Australia says NO! The police might not do shit, but I don’t need a badge to cut you down to size, fam… PULL UP before you’re PULLED up and into LINE!

– Jess ✌️

*Or HIM — It’s not JUST women that need us to STAND UP and FIGHT BACK! ✊

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